2022-2023 Psi Chapter Meeting Dates

Change Ordinary Opportunities into Blessings

September 13, 2022   5:00 PM SCOA -Committee meetings; Jelly Jar Decorating for favors for Central District Meeting; Literacy Project:  Classroom Library for ZES teacher  Hostess: Florien/Negreet/Many 3

September 24, 2022  Central District Meeting at Calvary Baptist Church, Many

October 18, 2022  5:00 PM SCOA –  Making pretty cards with Ginger Jordan; Report on Central District Meeting and Tamale Fiesta volunteers  Hostess:  Many 1

November 15. 2022 5:00 PM SCOA-  Holiday Potluck  – Music with Debbie and Lauren; Painting with Shanna   Hostess:  Officers will bring paper products, drinks

January 10, 2023  5:00 PM SCOA-  Vote on new members/Recognize Sarah Wright, a non-member woman educator for outstanding service/accomplishments Hostess Converse/Pleasant Hill 

February 14, 2023  5:00 PM SCOA  – Orientation of new members; Maybe a tea Party at the Dover House; Completion of Theme basket   Hostess:  Zwolle

March 21, 2023   5:00 PM SCOA  Flower Arranging with Callie Lang  Hostess:  Bring a Salad

April 11 2023  5:00 PM SCOA Potluck covered dish  Founder’s Day; Induction of New Members   Officers will bring paper products and drinks

updated 10/27/2022